Everyday Sentence-0910

I don't understand how it got to this place.  我不知道事情怎么会变成这样。

语法: 一般现在时复合句.
      主句: I don't understand
      宾语从句: how it got to this place

词组: get to: 到达(某地, 某种状态), 接触到, 开始
例:  to get to work 开始工作  
      to get to the railway sation 去火车站
      to get to this place 到达这种地步; 变成这样

应用: 评价出人意料的结果.

A:What the hell is going on here?

B:I saw this guy robbed a purse from the lady, so I ran over there and knocked this guy down. But now everyone is complaining about my help. I don't understand how it got to this place.

A:Well, we are trying to shoot a film here!

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You need to keep your mind away from those kinds of thoughts.  你不应该再想这些事情了。


A: I know I'm not good-looking, I am shy with  strangers, and I even have no girlfriend. So I'm really hopeless to get the interview.

B: You need to keep your mind away from those kinds of thoughts. You always do the best in our academic studies. Surely you are the most ideal for the interview.

keep away 避开,离开, 不使...接近
keep away from 远离,回避某事/某物

1. The police warned the bystanders to keep away from the blazing building.

2. Please keep away from harmful people.

3. We should keep away from cigarette and keep healthy.
我们应该以远离烟草, 保持健康.

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Do people actually buy this nonsense? 

buy 的引申涵义
buy sth: (对某言行)相信, 接受, 买账, 理会
don't buy sth: (对某言行)不相信, 不接受, 不买账, 不理会

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Life isn't always what one likes.  人生不会尽如人意。  

what one likes 在句子中作表语从句。
Don't give up.Life isn't always what one likes.It'll be better soon. 

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I'm afraid you'll have to rough it tonight.  恐怕你今晚要将就一下了。  

词组 rough it: 过艰苦生活, 生活简单, 将就过

The boys will have to rough it at the camp.

All money is almost used up, we must rough it before next income.

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I'm up to my ears in work. 

短语:up to one's ears 很忙,或者是完全介入某件事的意思,�up to one's neck意思相近。
They were up to their necks in trouble with the press.
They've borrowed so much money that they're up to their ears in debt.
I'm up to my ears in work

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You are no different than anybody else is.  你和别人没有不同。

1 A(sb, sth) is no different  than B(sb, sth) is: A和B一样, A和B没有不同

This computer is no diffrent than that one is in many ways.

2 anybody else: 其他人, 别人

He never cared about anybody else.

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