Imagine for a moment that you are about to stand up in front of two thousand people and give a presentation….how would you feel?

We are all familiar with how it feels to step out of our 'comfort zones'. Whether it's giving a presentation, asking someone out on a date or starting a new business, the feeling in each case is very similar.

If you're like most people, you feel queasy in the stomach, your mouth goes dry, your knees feel weak and your heart starts beating rapidly. Generally most people do everything they can to avoid this feeling because it feels uncomfortable. But to avoid this feeling is a mistake…and here's why: “Everything you want in life is waiting for you outside of your comfort zone”

When we stay safe inside our comfort zones, we limit ourselves to experiencing the things that are already part of our life. The only way to change your circumstances is to venture out of your comfort zone into the Possibility Zone, because it is here that you will find everything you have ever wanted.

Whether it's better health, love, money, or a personal goal that is important to you, the life you want is waiting for you outside of your comfort zone.

The only way to expand your comfort zone is to bite the bullet and step out into the possibility zone. Initially this can be uncomfortable but with repeated effort, your comfort zone will slowly expand to include the things that you really want from life. So next time you experience that queasy feeling of stepping out of your comfort zone, don't shy away from it, instead, embrace the feeling for what it truly is - An indication that you are taking a step towards creating the life of your dreams.

In fact the more often you venture out of your comfort zone and experience that feeling, the faster you will make your dreams a reality.

Action Steps:

(1) Review your goals and identify an action that will take you out of your comfort zone.

(2) Commit to taking that action as soon as possible.

(3) As you take action, notice what it feels like to step out of your comfort zone.

(4) Practice embracing the feeling of stepping into your possibility zone as a positive indication that you are moving closer to making your dreams a reality.


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