Everyday Sentence-0909

Go make yourself useful.  干点正事去吧。

make sb.+adj.   使什么怎么样。是一个make +宾语+宾补的结构,用法还有很多,比如make yourself smart.
You are too free now.Go make yourself useful.
谁都希望自己是有用的人,所以Go make yourself useful吧

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She wants to clear the air. 


Many of her colleagues are afraid that she will be too depressed to work after she got divorced recently. But she believes it's no big deal, and she wants to clear the air.


clear the air:① 通风  ② 澄清误会

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I can't change the way things are done here.  我无法改变现实。  


A: Do you have any idea what you have done? She might break up with you!(你知道你都作了些什么吗?她搞不好会和你分手的!)

B: Well, I didn't intend to. And I can't change the way things are done here.(唉,我也不是故意地,而且,我也无法改变事实。)

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I cannot take credit for what I did not do. 无功不受禄。  

take credit for 因...得到好评, 有... 的份儿
They could take credit for having  made a good decidion.
Don't let someone take credit for what a job you did.

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She is working my last nerve.


A: You look terrible, Jane. What's the matter?

B: It's Mary. She has better clothes, better bags, better looking, and she is now trying to take my boyfriend from me! She is working my last nerve. I believe I will explode soon!

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I'll make you a believer.  我会让你相信的。

make sb. sth.这是一句比较常见的make +C+C.O的结构,也就是make+宾语+宾补的结构,解释为使什么怎么样。

A: You must be joking! He is such a good boxer. You have no chance of beating him.

B: I have my own strategy and I have confidence. I'll make you a believer.

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Let’s get this show on the road. 


A: Now we've reviewed the proposal and everything is just perfect. What's the next?

B: Then let's get this show on the road!

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