Everyday Sentence-0913

The excited children got ready for the trip to the zoo in no time.

get ready for sth: 做好....的准备

They got ready for going abroad next month.
Tom and Susan got ready for their marrige ceremoni.

in no time: 马上, 立即, 很快, 迅速
The match will start in no time.
It is going to rain in no time.

....get ready for... in no time: ...为马上...作好准备(很有用的句型)

The doctors should get ready for the treatment of acute patients in no time.医生们应该作好迅速地处置急诊病人的准备。

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Even though angry demonstrators shouted during his speech, the politician didn't miss a beat.

This sentence isn't from an oral talk but a formal article. In general, this kind of sentence is not commonly used in daily life.
miss a beat

even though :尽管,常用在表示某种行为或者状态不会受外界影响

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I'm going to the store to buy a couple of items and I'll be back right away. 我要去商店买点东西,马上就回来。 

a couple of : (固定搭配, 修饰可数名词) 两三个, 几个
right away:
马上, 立刻

例:It takes a couple of hours from Beijing to Qianhuandao by train.

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If you work hard and do your best, in the long run you will succeed. 如果你努力工作并且尽自己最大努力,最后一定会成功的。

do one's best 尽最大努力
you must do your best on your job.

in the long run 从长远观点看, 最后
In the long run prices are bound to rise.
从长远看, 物价肯定要涨。

If you don't work hard ,you'll lost your job.

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Mohammed never explained why he quit his job, and to this day we still don't know why. 穆罕默德没有解释过他为什么辞职,至今我们也不清楚原因。 

to this day 至今;直到今天
I haven't told him the whole story to this day.

quit  动词 离开 辞职 停止
If I don't get a pay rise I'll quit.
My father has quit smoking.

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For a millionaire, the cost of a luxury car is a drop in the bucket. 对一位百万富翁来说,买一辆豪华车的花费只是九牛一毛。

a drop in the bucket
Two million dollars is only a drop in the bucket  for him.

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Billy shared some of his candy with his friends, but kept the lion's share for himself. 比利和朋友们分享了一些糖果,但是自己留下了一大半儿。

lion's share 的意思是:最大的一份,最好的一份。

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