Kai-Fu Lee, Vice-President of Google and President of Google China - Engineering and Public Affairs. Before joining Google in July 2005, Kai-fu Lee had many accomplishments in the IT industry working for big names such as Microsoft, SGI and Apple. With this background, it's no wonder the lawsuit between Microsoft and Google regarding Dr. Lee's move to Google attracted the public's attention for more than half a year.

China is a potentially massive market for Google, but there is already a robust domestic search engine landscape, with Baidu leading the charge. Can Kai-Fu Lee help Google succeed in the China market? Like many multi-national companies, Google is carrying out its localization strategy in China. Google's new Chinese name "Gu Ge" is an attempt to be closer to the Chinese users. And they are also recruiting Chinese staff. Is this enough?

With Kai-fu Lee, the Up-Close studio audience discussed the localization efforts of multi-national companies in China. They talked about their experiences with foreign brands, and analyzed which localization strategies would be welcomed by local customers. The Up-Close studio audience was also curious about Kai-Fu Lee's own experiences and his passion for China.


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