David Wu…Wu Dawei….Master Wu….Wu Man…These are all the names his fans and audiences know him by. In this episode of Up-Close, we invited one of Asia's most well known TV personalities to our studio…David Wu.

David is a Chinese-American and was born in a small town in Marseilles. When he was 2-years old, his family moved to Taipei where he attended the Taipei American School with his older sister. At the age of 13, he moved to Seattle, Washington. After graduating from the University of Washington, he decided to return to Asia to develop his acting career. Since then, David has been the host of numerous television programs and has also been cast in many TV dramas and feature films.

After joining the Star TV network, David became the most recognized and popular VJ on CHANNEL[V]. In his programs, he dresses casually and jokes with his viewers. His lively and humorous American hosting style is fresh and unique, and is loved by audiences of all ages. Many younger generation hosts have attempted to emulate his style; however, David believes nobody can truly copy his style, because it essentially is a reflection of his own personality. Today, David remains one of the preeminent bicultural/bilingual entertainment personalities in China.

Constantly flying from city to city, David takes part in many different types of projects. However, nowadays, he says he is doing most hosting than film acting. Much of his attention is also focused on a new English club that he helped establish with a few business partners - TalkdaTalk, an activity based English learning club.

A man that is usually used to being the interviewer, this time, talking with Eyee, he no doubt became the interviewee. His humor resonated through each member in the live studio audience. Join us on Up Close to hear how our studio audience identifies David Wu, and laugh along with us as we put David Wu "on the spot" regarding his personal life!

Don't miss the chance to meet David Wu up close in person!


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