Keep this list handy. Ask yourself these questions every day--without fail. And then, based on your answers, take action.

把这份清单放在手边。每天问问自己下面的问题―― 一定要回答。然后,基于自己的回答,采取行动。

1. Who would cry the most at my funeral?


Those are people who love you unconditionally. Start returning the feeling.


2. Do I spend enough time with the people who would cry the most at my funeral?


Probably not. Even though those are the people who see the good in you, and make you feel good about yourself.


3. Who would I want to cry the most at my funeral?


Chances are those are the people you neglect the most. You care about them but you're taking them for granted.


Stop taking them for granted.


4. Am I proud to tell people where I work?


If not, it's time to start looking elsewhere. Titles come and go. Money comes and goes. Pride is forever.


5. Is my company a business I would want my children to run?


There may be aspects of your business you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy, much less your kids: insufferable customers, unbearable employees, difficult working conditions, uncertain long-term prospects.


If you would say to your child, "No, I wouldn't want you to have to deal with that..." why do allow yourself to continue to deal with that?

如果你会对孩子说,"不, 我不想让你们去处理那些......."为什么还让自己继续处理呢?

Naturally you want your kids to be happy. You also deserve to be happy. List the problems, then fix the problems.


If you want a better future for your kids, show them the way by making a better future for yourself.


6. Does today feel different than yesterday?


It should, if only in a very small way. Otherwise you're sitting still.

应该只有一小部分相同, 否则你就是停滞不前。

"No" ensures today will be exactly the same as yesterday. Or maybe worse.


8. Do I spend money instead of time?


Maybe you buy your kids "stuff" because you feel guilty for being away so much, or missing events, or being distracted most of the time. Maybe you buy your significant other "stuff" when you feel guilty about not paying enough attention or showing, by word and action, that you care.


Or maybe you spend money on productivity tools instead of putting in the time to change inefficient work habits. Or maybe you buy expensive fitness equipment and trendy workout gear instead of just sucking it up and working out more.


Money never produces the same results as time. Expensive clothes can't get you in shape; productivity apps can't make you more efficient; a new tablet can't transform your business life.


And don't forget: Your kids will soon forget the video game you bought them but they'll never forget the afternoon you spent together.


"I'm an inventor." "I'm a speaker." "I'm a writer."


You're in a box.


Start defining yourself as a noun and you start to feel like you've arrived (even when you haven't). Slowly your focus shifts to "being" rather than doing, to maintaining a sense of self rather than striving to continually improve specific skills.

开始用名词描述自己,你会觉得自己已经到达了那个水平。 慢慢地你的注意力会转移到""上而不是做, 维持自我感觉而不是努力继续提高职位技能。

And you slowly close yourself off to other activities, other ventures, and other possibilities.


Don't define yourself by what you do. Never let yourself be a noun. Be a person who does lots of verbs--and is always open to more.


10. Do I make people feel good about themselves?


Unexpected praise, like the gift given "just because, " makes a huge impact.


Every day, people around you do good things. Praise at least one of them, sincerely and specifically. They'll feel great. You'll feel great.


11. Do I scare myself?


If not, you should.


Don't scare yourself with fear of the future, or the economy, or injury or death, but with things you decide to do that push, stretch, challenge, and leave you excited and thrilled and relieved in an "Oh my gosh I can't believe I did that!" way.


We all have fears. What matters is what we do when we're hesitant or nervous or afraid. When we turn away, we die a little inside; when we face a fear and do what we really want to do, we feel truly alive.

我们都心存恐惧。重要的是当我们犹豫、紧张、害怕时我们做了什么。当我们扭头走开时,我们的内心在一点点死去;当我们面临恐惧做我们真正想做的事情时, 我们会觉得自己真正地活着。

Are you living... or really living? You only get one chance. Make sure you live.


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