I Am Possible


Let's face the facts. Most times we see impossibility in the light of impossibility. But let's get this important fact clearly -in every impossibility, there is a possibility.

Even the word 'IMPOSSIBLE' says 'I M POSSIBLE'.

Impossible cases are not forever. While it is impossible for one, it is possible for another. Everything is possible; it's just that the impossible things take a little longer to figure out and those who do great exploits with impossibility escape into mediocrity.

Someone said this: "Success belongs to those individuals who can look at the complex challenges offered by the World as inspiration."

Your challenges are golden opportunities for success.

How can there be miracles if there are no obstacles? How will you chase the storm if there was none? You need challenges to reveal your potency. Success comes out of nothing; success emanates from the problems you face. Those who refuse to give in come out smiling.

Robert X. Perez says, "The seeds of success spring from failure's ashes."

Failure is not defeat; it is the pointer to do better than what you did. You have to know that you are in a constant study of life. What you face is for your training.

Hyriah Candao shares this feeling also when he said, "Remember in life we gamble; the earth is a playroom full of obstacles and thrills, so let things flow and you'll find good reasons...learn from it."

Samuel Aidoo also says, "Each failure is simply another chapter to the story of our lives. To fail is to understand what not to do. Remember it and don't give up until your goal is achieved."

Jasbeen S. advises,"Yeah, life is difficult,...things will come at you left and right..." The message I'm sending with this quote is, "do not give up, have a positive outlook on your circumstance and make the best of it...you may learn something new or come out with something great."

What do you do when you face circumstances? Let me give you the advice Jasbeen gave:

"When life throws shoes at you.... at least pick through the best ones and try them on for size!"

Discover yourself in life by taking the pains to fit in it, no matter the situation. Take the punches, develop mental toughness.

Someone said this about mental toughness: "Mental toughness is to see the long term gains rather than be put off by short term pains. Once you have this toughness, you have the winning edge".

Also, take chances and get this very clear -the only things in life you ever really regret, are the chances you didn't take..... You will only regret the chances when you are faced with the consequences of not taking the chances and seizing the moment and opportunities that come with it. Take chances every day!

Everything you've done in life- the good, the bad- have all brought you to this moment. Someone out there obviously wants you to do something significant, right now.

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