Story of a tombstone

 I like to visit the cemetery and look at different tombstones. I like to find out what is the last phrase that people like to put in their tombstones. It always gives me a lot of inspirations.

On day, I walked into a cemetery aimlessly looking at different tombstones. There have a lot of fancy carved stones engraved with famous proverbs. Some have beautiful sculptures, some big and some small.

Suddenly, I saw a tombstone; no fancy carving, no beautiful sculpture, not big, just an ordinary stone. On the stone, it said:

1964 to 1984
Getter Edge

In the middle of the stone, it had a big word carved......"IF" and under this word it said "I have another chance".

I stood there, don't know for how long, looked at the big word "IF" and the little words "I have another chance". A lot of thoughts went though my mind.

I asked myself, "If I have another chance, what will I do?!!"

Friends, if you have another chance, what will you do? Will you treasure the chance that you have or will you wait until your tombstone says:

"I have another chance"

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