1. "Kidnap" him for a weekend escape to a quaint bed and breakfast. Secretively pack, and make all of the arrangements, including financial.

2. When he is performing a thoughtful gesture on your behalf, don't complain about the quality of his actions. Simply express your appreciation (then fix it later!).

3. Serve him breakfast in bed (without causing food poisoning).

Hints for Women to Revive Romance

4. Give him a massage or arrange for him to visit to a professional masseuse.

5. Throw him a surprise party for no particular reason. Invite people he enjoys.

6. Take him out for a romantic dinner for two. Bring two gifts. One for him. One he (indirectly) bought for you! He'll be pleased he didn't mess yours up this time!

7. There is a law of nature that plucks a man's change from his pocket without his knowledge. Over time, collect these "donations," wrap them, roll them, and present the cash to him for a purchase that he didn't believe he had the finances to make.

8. Place hidden notes (or jokes) in his lunch, briefcase, grooming area, underwear or sock drawer which express how much you love him.

9. Recreate your first date ever. Cover as many of the intricate details as possible.

10. Arrange for him to take a private lesson in his favorite sport or hobby.

11. Buy him a sleeve of exploding golf balls. You might not be present at the precise moment they're enjoyed, but I guarantee he'll express his thanks later.

12. Suggest a role reversal day. You perform all of his chores and vice versa. I'm not sure that he'll find this romantic, but he will never again complain about his responsibilities.

13. Finally, let him complete a sentence. He'll appreciate the change of pace.

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