It is absolutely wonderful to have
someone in your life who is caring
and giving and gracious ― some whose
smiles are live sunshine and laughter
and whose words always seem to say
the things you most like to hear...
because those magical people are really
beautiful... inside.

And it is a special privilege to
know someone whose outward appearance
is a delight just to see ― someone who
lights up a room with radiance and
who lights up my little corner of the
world with a loveliness it has never
known before... because special people
like that are really beautiful... outside.

But most of all, it is one of the
world's most special blessings to
have a person in your life who can
add so much pleasure and such magnificence
to the days ― as you have to mine...
because you're someone who is beautiful...
all over.

― Andrew Tawney








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