Love is in the air

The Single's Day is just around the corner. In China, Valentine's Day is overrated and has a reputation for being exclusively for couples. But what about the single gal or guy? In that day single people often feel lonely and even worthless. There must be a way they can celebrate their day even without a partner. That's why the Single's Day came about. We should look at it as nothing more than an excuse to treat ourselves to one or a few indulgences.

I came up with some suggestions on how "single" men and women could spend the day alone, but not necessarily lonely. Instead of passing The Single's Day off as a completely invaluable waste of space on the calendar, try one, several or all of the following esteem-boosters to lift your single spirit this time around.

1. The recently single gal/guy. First and foremost, do not ever call your ex in case you get lonely. Exes belong to the past. Move on.

Yes, you must still be hurting and are going through the healing process. But remember this famous line from a song: "Ooh child, things are gonna be easier." In time you are indeed going to be OK. Don't sulk. The Single's Day can be a day to spend with family.

You can even make it more creative by suggesting potluck and maybe plan some board games or videoke. During this time, family can offer you the most solid support you will need, so take advantage of it.

2. The still-single guy or gal. Some of you may be getting restless already because it's been years and you're still without a partner. Relax. Why don't you call your other single pals and plan a night out? Have a nice dinner and go to a singles bar afterward. You'll never know who you might meet. There is always a big chance you will meet someone interesting and single too. The Single's Day is also for people looking for love.

3. Otherwise, for the groom-to-be, you can plan a bachelor party or fraternity party.You plan every aspect including bachelor party ideas, games, party favors, drinks and food for your bachelor party or fraternity party (frat party). Since a lot goes into planning the bachelor party, it's will be tricky, fun but also stressful. Make it a very memorable one, why not enjoy it?

4. Buy yourself your favorite flowers. Who says you have to wait around for Prince/Princess Charming to add some spice and color to your dorm or apartment with your preferred plant life? Both guys and girls enjoy the occasional bouquet of Birds of Paradise or a lucky bamboo tree to boost Feng Shui.

5. The single mom/dad (formerly married or not). Take your kid/s out on a date. Why not? You can even plan an all-day activity. Go to the mall, take him to his favorite pizza place, watch a movie or treat him to play-all-you-can (with a reasonable budget) games at a carnival. It could be anything. Time spent with your kids is always worthwhile.

Do as you please. Ultimately, you know what can make you happy. That's the most important thing.

Who says romance is dead? Believe it: Love is in the air! Choose what you like,trust your family and friends.

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