View in the heart

There is a temple at the foot of Nanshan,and an ancient banyan is in front of it.

One morning,a young monk gets up to clean up the courtyard and sees the fallen leaves from the ancient banyan are everywhere,he can't help worrying and look at the tree to sigh.

For his sorrow is on the toppest,he throws down the broom and rushes to his master's room ,then he knocks on the door to plea for interview.

His master hears it and opens the door,when he sees the disciple's worried look,he thinks something takes place,so he hurries to ask him:" My disciple, what does you worry about so much in the early morning? "

The young disciple is full of doubt and tells him:"Master, you persuades us to be diligent to cultivate our moral character and grasp the truth day and night,but, even I learn them well ,it is hard to avoid to die.Till that time,so-called me, so-called Dao, aren't they just like the defoliation in autumn or the deadwood in winter? and they will be buried by a heap of loess?"

After hearing it ,the old monk points at the ancient banyan and says to the young monk:" My disciple ,you don't need to worry about this.In fact, the defoliation in autumn and the deadwood in winter will climb back to the trees silently and become the flowers in spring and grow up into the leaves in summer at the time of autumnal winds is blowing strongliest and the snow falls down most heavily."

"Why don't I see it?"

"It is the reason that there isn't any view in your heart, so you can't see the bloom ."

Facing the withering defoliations and imaging they will be in bud,it needs to have an immortal of spring heart, an optimism of heart.

There are always some miseries you will meet in your whole life and strike you when you are unprepared, but we don't need to worry day after day for the arrival of this day, and feel sorry to yourself.

Treating the life with the attitude of the optimism, it can not only dissolve the agony and misfortune , but also bring a kind of pleased mood to you everyday and make your life bright and flourishing .

As long as the view is in the heart,aren't the paths full of fragrance of flowers everywhere?

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