I love you, Mum and Dad!

Tears goes out of my eyes when I talk to my parents on the phone. What are they doing when I call them, this is what I   want to know most. I had supper at 5 o'clock in the dining room. There is no need for me to cook by myself, no need to wash the dishes. However, now it is the busiest time for my parents. Dad has night shift every day, he works from seven o'clock  in the morning to nine o'clock in the evening. Therefore, all the housework is left to my mum, besides her own job, she also has to work the vineyard.
Every day she gets up at 4 o'clock in the morning, then works till dark. One day I called her at 7:30 in the evening, she told me that she was still in the vineyard and hadn't had supper yet. My tears ran down from my cheeks, I was filled with worry. I promise her to study hard in the university, because I am her hope. I promise her to take care of myself, because I am important to her. I promise her to lose weight because she says nice figure is an important factor in future's competition. I promise her so much and I just want her to promise me that she can take care of herself and dad because they are just like the blood in my body.I cannot live without them.
In my family, everyone is common. We are willing to earn our living by our own hands. We are very happy to have the meal together on the New Year's Eve. My mother has ever said that everyone in the family is important, no one can be absent.
Mum has ever said that the happiest time for Dad and her is when my sister and I come back home.
We play cards in the room,watch TV,do anything we like,with dad and mum preparing delicious food in the kitchen.It is also the happiest time for me.
At that moment,I could forget all the difficulties and unhappiness.The only thing I would like to do is to enjoy the time with my parents.
Love,sometimes,doesn't need much words.Love your parents like they love us.Give them a call,tell them you miss them...

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