English Grammar Workbook For Dummies


Author(s): Geraldine Woods
Publisher: For Dummies
Date     : 2006

Pages    : 320
Format   : PDF
OCR      : Yes
Language : English
ISBN-10  : 0764599321
Description: Get some good grammar practice - and start speaking and writing well!


Good grammar is important, whether you want to advance your career, boost your GPA, or increase your SAT or ACT score. Practice is the key to improving your grammar skills, and that's what this workbook is all about. Open it and you'll find hundreds of fun problems to help build your grammar muscles. Just turn to a topic you need help with - from punctuation and pronouns to possessives and parallel structure - and get out your pencil. With just a little practice every day, you'll be speaking correctly, writing confidently, and getting the recognition you deserve at work or at school.


100s of Problems!


* Review grammar rules and exceptions

* Build grammar skills, from sentence mechanics to stylistic fine points

* Convey your ideas clearly and persuasively

* Speak and write with flair and confidence


About the Author

Geraldine Woods began her education when teachers still supplied ink wells to their students. She credits her 35-year career as an English teacher to a set of ultra-strict nuns armed with thick grammar books. She lives in New York City, where with great difficulty she refrains from correcting signs containing messages such as "Bagel's for sale." She is the author of more than 40 books, including English Grammar For Dummies, Research Papers For Dummies, College Admission Essays For Dummies, and The SAT I Reasoning Test For Dummies.


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