Love Like Morning Sun

Love Like Morning Sun

So often, when I'm alone with my thoughts,
I feel your presence enter me
like the morning sun's early light,
filling my memories and dreams of us
with a warm and clear radiance.

You have become my love, my life,
and together we have shaped our world
until it seems now as natural as breathing.

But I remember when it wasn't always so -
times when peace and happiness seemed more
like intruders in my life than
the familiar companions they are today;
times when we struggled to know each other,
but always smoothing out those rough spots
until we came to share ourselves completely.

We can never rid our lives entirely
of sadness and difficult times
but we
can understand them together, and grow
stronger as individuals and as a loving couple.

If I don't tell you as often as I'd like,
it's because I could never tell you enough -
that I'm grateful for you
sharing your life with mine,
and that my love for you will live forever.

by Edmund O'Neil

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