I usually do not turn off my cell phone. Why? I have no idea. After reading an article, I seemed to understand a little bit: for that little bit of caring. I am now sharing this story with you.

The girl would turn her cell phone off and put it by her photo on the desk every night before going to bed. This habit has been with her ever since she bought the phone.
The girl had a very close boyfriend. When they couldn't meet, they would either call or send messages to each other. They both liked this type of communication.
One night, the boy really missed the girl. When he called her however, the girl's cell phone was off because she was already asleep. The next day, the boy asked the girl to leave her cell phone on at night because when he needed to find her and if could not, he would be worried.

From that day forth, the girl began a new habit. Her cell phone never shuts down at night. Because she was afraid that she might not be able to hear the phone ring in her sleep, she tried to stay very alert. As days passed, she became thinner and thinner. Slowly, a gap began to form between them.
The girl wanted to revive their relationship. One night, she called the boy. However what she got was a sweet female voice: "Sorry, the subscriber you dailed is power off."
The girl knew that her love has just been turned off.
After a long time, the girl has a new love. No matter how well they got along, the girl however refused to get married. In the girl's heart, she always remembered that boy's words and the night when that phone was power off.

The girl still keeps the habit of leaving her cell phone on all throughout the night, but not expecting that it'll ring.
One night, the girl fell ill. In moment of fluster, instead of calling her parents, she dialed the new boy's cell phone. The boy was already asleep but his cell phone was still on.
Later, the girl asked the boy: "Why don't you turn your cell phone off at night?"

The boy answered: "I'm afraid that if you need anything at night and aren't able to find me, you'll worry."
The girl finally married the boy.

Later at night, do you turn off your cell phone?

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