The key of a happiness

We've always been told it's true, but now experts have proved that money really can't buy you happiness.

They quizzed jackpot winners and came up with 10 tips to keep you feeling on top of the world.

And the results were surprising. No flash cars of expensive jewellery. Instead it was the simple pleasures, available to almost anybody, that bring the most enjoyment.

Top of the list is spending time with your family.

But jackpot winners' advice is: "Don't give up work. Having a regular routine and social interaction are essential. Keeping up friendships is important too, as is a stable marriage.

Buying your own home, preferably in the North where people are friendlier, is a good idea. But don't get into debt.

No matter how much money you have, living within your means is vital if you want to avoid stress."

Dr Richard Tunney, of Nottingham University said: "The old saying 'money can't buy you happiness' may not be true, but traditional family values, a comfortable home and financial security are clearly key elements to a happy life."

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