Top Gear 极品试车  [19:00-20:00, Every Monday from May 18th on ICS]













Car lovers take heart. Top Gear, the world's biggest car show produced by BBC, will be premiered on ICS from May 18th.


Multi-award-winning and broadcast in more than 100 countries, Top Gear is one of UK's most-watched program, attracting audiences of over seven million each week. It has won the Best Non-Scripted Entertainment, International Emmy Awards, in 2005 and the Most Popular Factual Programme, National Television Awards, in 2007.




Witty and unbiasedly honest, the Top Gear team, take cars to the limit and beyond to find out if they're any good or not. Full of stunts, challenges and special features, Top Gear is self-deprecating, inclusive and passionate - there no boring stats and impenetrable conversations about camshafts and tyre pressures. Instead viewers get authoritative information, entertainment and no little style. There'll be some serious car journalism in there too with exhaustive road tests of the latest models; looks back at the history of motoring; man versus machine experiments and weekly power tests featuring the world's most exotic super cars.


Most of all, Top Gear is about having fun. Tune in every Monday at 7pm from May 18th for the thrilling car experience.

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