Enthusiastic and adventurous, Samantha Brown is the perfect tour guide for the most exciting places in the world. Explore exotic locales up close and personal as you may never have seen them. Samantha interacts with the locals and discovers popular area landmarks many tourists miss. Plus, she discusses the culture and history of these intriguing areas and shares invaluable travel tips. FEATURING: English Countryside: It's the landscape of fairytales. Enjoy a medieval castle that welcomed King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, and visit the bucolic paradise that is the Cotswolds. Classic London: No tour of London is complete without a visit to Buckingham Palace for the "Changing of the Guard." Then it's on to Notting Hill, Harrods and Westminster Abbey. London Now: An eclectic mix of avant-garde and traditional, London is the ultimate cosmopolitan experience. This is an exciting tour of modern London's cuisine and attractions. Ireland Coast: Explore the gorgeous countryside of Cork and Kerry, and learn about the sometimes mysterious cuisine. But it's the warm and wonderful people you'll remember most. Dublin, Ireland: You'll experience both Dublin's rich Irish heritage and the city's modern charm. Samantha discovers an incredible hotel bargain and goes on a memorable pub crawl. Edinburgh, Scotland: Visit a city steeped in history with many famous medieval landmarks. And experience one of today's hippest festivals along the city's historic streets.

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